About Our EP

(Pavement from our EP. Be sure to visit our music page to listen in entirety)

We’re very excited to release our first EP this month. This project was completely self produced, recorded in Juju Bloom’s studio at Bedrock LA and in drummer Nick Crnko’s bedroom studio. All the songs were written by Juju Blooms over the course of our first year of playing in Los Angeles and represent a major part of our live shows. Self producing a record is always a hefty task but the recording of this EP was a joyous experience and we’re very proud of it. We had the fortune of working with some lovely people on the development of the art and packaging for the EP and we’d love to give credit where credit is due!

Katie Lynne Ryan – For her amazing artwork

Jessie Liroff – For our awesome logo

Stephanie Turek – For her incredible ability to make us look so good

Katharine Crnko – For her crazy good design skills

Michael Gillham – For putting up with our constant noise and stealing us a light



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